New digital and internet technologies allow multi-channel digital reception of many programming
options at no monthly cost. Some programming providers do require payment to receive their
channel, but the costs are far less than typical cable or satellite providers charge, often
providing savings of 50%.

A wide variety of packaged programming providers puts competition to work for you to find the
best package for the best price.  A-la-carte programming allows you to buy only the channels you
really want. Digital video recorders allow you to pause, fast forward and rewind programming,
skip commercials, with no monthly fee. You can add multiple TV locations without paying for extra
TV fees.

If you have limited bandwidth internet that causes buffering of programming or limiting your
video resolution to below true HD, we have services that allow you to watch without buffering or
lowered resolution.

Acoustechs can provide custom installation services and products that national call centers just
do not support. Our trained in-house installation staff can do almost anything you need for your
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