Tivo, the pioneer of TV entertainment DVR systems allows you to own award-winning
multi-room  DVR products  whether you are a cable TV customer, are using free over the air TV
services or online program streaming.

With cable services, you can own an award-winning multi-room TIVO DVR instead of renting a
plain DVR from the cable company.

With free over the air services, you can receive network programming using a regular TV
antenna at no cost. Watch CBS, NBC, ABC,PBS, CW,  MYTV, ION, FOX, Univision, Telemundo,
and get the extended digital feeds of these offering as many as 30 channels many in 1080i high

Access network entertainment services such as Netflix, Pandora, You Tube, Live 365,
Podcaster, Hulu, among others. Upload photos and other media directly on your TV.

The TIVO DVR monthly service charge is competitive with DVR rates charged by the major
pay-TV services and you can pay up front for lifetime service if you wish.
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